L’Afghan Grillade gives you a real oppoetunity!

“Thanks to the L’Afghan Grillade concept, you will be able to create your own business with a modern concept in full expansion, acquire quality experience, powerful marketing, theoretical and practical training.”

In a few years you can be at the head of several restaurants. Afghan Grillade has been cited as a national benchmark for Afghan grill. The Afghan Grillade is a solid, organized and structured chain.

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"The Afghan Grillade has proven itself and expects you to do the best it can to succeed hand in hand."


The L’Afghan Grillade concept

After years of research, the L’Afghan Grillade concept was born. The Afghan Grillade has attracted a larger clientele in search of quality Grill, in restaurants suited to individual requirements. We have distinguished ourselves from others with impeccable hygiene rules and a variety of menus in order to offer a wider choice to customers.

All along the chain

The Afghan Grillade implements permanent and mandatory controls in addition to state controls! Each supplier is selected according to his ability to meet our specifications: traceability, health standards and quality requirements.

We bring you:

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