Ordinary Afghan Taste with Special Recipe

“The L’Afghan restaurant contributes in its own way to dispel the few haze that still surrounds cuisine from elsewhere. The great merit of L’Afghan is that it has elevated Afghan cuisine to the rank of gastronomy. There is an essential reason for this, the quality of the product. Fresh produce, top quality spices, sweet curries, new dishes.”

Succulent dishes, enhanced with seasonings of aromatics, herbs and spices of which L’Afghan jealously keeps the secret, open the doors to a surprising world of subtlety and sensuality.


Variety of flavors of Afghan grill


Baghlan Kabab


Double chicken breast.

Bamyan Kabab


Beef Kofta and Chicken Kofta.

Boldak Kabab


2 pieces of Kabab chapli.

Ghazni Kabab


Kofta chicken and chicken breast.

Helmand Kabab


3 pieces of lamb chops.

Herath Kabab


Filet mignon and chicken breast.

Kabul Kabab


Kofta chicken plus Filet mignon.

Kadahar Kabab


Double filet mignon.

Kamage Udon Family


Beef and Chicken Breast Kofta.

Logar Kabab


Beef and filet mignon kofta.

Nimruz Kabab


Kofta au boeuf et hausse de cuisse poulet.

Wardak Kabab


Chicken thigh.

Let's Enjoy

High Quality Food
& Professional Chef Recipe


We Love Our Customers

"Good food, prices are ok, staff is respectful and the plates are generous. You can't go out of this place hungry because they put a lot of rice and salad, plus the bread is very good. I went there a couple of times and I was always happy in general."
Ali Abbas
"I went there recently to try the place out as per the recommendation of my Afghan friend. They offered multiple different plates. I, myself, tried the Kabul Kebab which consist of chicken kebab, filet mignon, rice and salad. The food was delicious and I was barely able to finish my plate because they gave alot. I would greatly recommend the place. The only thing is that it took a while before we received our plates but I think that only means that they do a good job preparing the food and don't just rush it."
Youssef Jebboury
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